Our Purpose

Winners Circle provides a crime, and drug free meeting facility, along with transitional housing. The Winners Circle is a non-profit organization recognized by the state and federal government as so. What this organization has achieved over the years is astounding, because of the thought process of individuals and communities which is that (the problem is not mine until it hits home). This organization is educating all involved of the disenfranchisement from society and the barriers that become greater with limited resources.

In Texas today, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is responsible for a criminal population of approximately 165,000, of which 80% are estimated to have some degree of problems with chemical addiction or abuse. Each year, up to 50,000 of the criminal justice population is released from confinement. When offenders leave an institution, they leave acclimated to a highly structured correctional environment, as opposed to the perceived loose and unstructured freedom found outside the prison’s walls. This situation can be very overwhelming to the newly released addicted offender.

For these reasons, an organized system of peer support groups will address the needs of these individuals as they make their way to long-term recovery. This approach will mean finding an understanding and a level of positive reinforcement, even in those locations where typical sources of community assistance may be quite limited.

The Department of Health and Human Services has identified this program as a unique one, because it identifies and addresses the issues that ultimately cause the hardships that most offenders and families in communities face. The individual usually through not having the resources inevitably becomes a part of our criminal justice system by not having the resources to address the barriers they face in everyday living.

Winners Circle is currently seeking to elevate its current program in helping those individuals who face barriers of substance abuse, employment, education, and housing. Winners Circle is seeking to expand its services in an environment that is suitable and conducive to its mission of helping; a program that is based on identifying the need of the individual and not addressing him or her as a number to meet quota.